Faculty/Staff by Division

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View faculty and staff by the eight different divisions:

Director's Office

Laura Meadows, Director

James Stephens, Senior Public Service Associate

Paul Burks, Educational Program Specialist

Shona Foster, Administrative Assistant


Governmental Training, Education, and Development Division

Stacy Jones, Associate Director

Tracy Arner, Financial Management Program Manager

Phillip Boyle, Public Service Associate

Myra Byrd, Public Service Associate

Marci Campbell, Instructor

Russell W. Cook, Public Service Assistant

Beth Horacek, Public Service Assistant

Michael Hourihan, Public Service Assistant

John Hulsey, Public Service Assistant

David Key, Program Coordinator

Dave Lakly, Public Service Assistant

Gordon Maner, Senior Public Service Associate

M. Chrissy Marlowe, Public Service Assistant

Walt McBride, Senior Public Service Associate

Jennifer Nelson, Public Service Assistant

Harry E. Owens, Trainer

Eric M. Robinson, Management Development Associate

Mara O. Shaw, Leadership Development Program Manager


Christine Ahern, Senior Event Coordinator

Stephanie Bales, Administrative Manager

Susan Banks, Educational Program Specialist

Tracy BeMent, Trainer

Robert Brown, Trainer

Jacquelyn Bryant, Trainer

Kenneth Carter, Trainer

Precious Cooper, Event Manager

John Culpepper, Trainer

James Davis, Trainer

James Elliott, Jr., Trainer

Nancy Farage, Trainer

Shannon Ferguson, Trainer

Chris Floore, Trainer

Glenda Henderson, Associate Accountant

Jared Hill, Trainer

Scott Johnson, Trainer

Michele Jurkiewicz, Senior Event Coordinator

Tommy Knight, Trainer

Jean Lord, Event Manager

Sementha Mathews, Trainer

Susan Maxwell, Program Coordinator

Sharon McArthur, Trainer

Elizabeth McBurney, Trainer

Thad McWhorter, Administrative Manager

Christopher Pike, Trainer

Brewster Rainer, Trainer

Cassie Scarborough, Senior Event Coordinator

Kitty Shollenberger, Senior Event Coordinator

Sharon VerBeek, Senior Event Coordinator

Charles Walters, Trainer


Information Technology Outreach Services

Eric McRae, Associate Director


Karen Payne, Senior Public Service Associate


Nino Bacilieri, System Administrator Associate

Kelly Baltazar, Administrative Specialist

Lawton Brantley, GIS Production Coordinator

Joseph Childs, Scientific Computing Professional Assistant

Diana Cooley, Application Programmer Associate

Kevin Dooley, Production Staff Manager

Sean Dunn, Application Programmer Specialist

Brent Floyd, Computer Services Specialist

Geoffrey Garland, GIS Clearinghouse & Esri Site License Manager

Brantley Hobbs, Database Administrator Principal

David Holcomb, Production Staff Manager

Jarred Jackson, Production Staff Manager

Diana Jenkins, Business Manager

Andrew Lieffring, Application Analyst Specialist

Juan Machado, Computer Systems Coordinator

Frank Munday, Scientific Computing Professional Assistant

James Nolan, Local Government Project Manager

Helen Peng, GIS Analyst and Developer

Patrick Russell, Application Analyst Specialist

Anita Russo, Application Analyst Specialist

Fred Sewell, IT Professional Associate

Hajime Uchiyama, Scientific Computing Professional Associate

Christopher Weaver, Computer Services Specialist

John Wells, Scientific Computing Professional Assistant

Angela Wheeler, Computer Services Specialist

Mike Wilbur, Application Programmer Assistant


International Center

Rusty Brooks, Associate Director and Professor


Suejin Joe, Korea Program Specialist

Sandrika Walker, Administrative Specialist

Taesik Yun, Program Coordinator

Hong Zeng, Program Coordinator

Fei Zhang, Program Coordinator

Boyuan Zhao, Clerk


Office of Administration

Karen Barger, Associate Director


Nancy Benoit, Business Manager

Scott Crabtree, IT Manager

Dan Evans, Facilities Manager

Brian Freese, Administrative Manager

Tracy Harper, Human Resources Coordinator

James Holl, Facilities Coordinator

Todd Lee, Budget Analyst

Allan Nuss, IT Professional Associate

Jared Peden, Business Manager

Karen Pou, Business Manager

Zac Ray, IT Professional Specialist

Rhonda Stewart, Budget Analyst

Kay Vaughn, Business Manager

Cynthia Walker, Business Manager

Tambria Wingfield, Accountant


Office of Communications

Jana Wiggins, Communications Director


Jake Brower, Creative Design Specialist

Melissa Charles, Public Relations Specialist

Karen DeVivo, Editor

Kelly Howard, Communications Specialist

Roger Nielsen, Public Relations Coordinator

Dave Rosenberg, Web Specialist


State Services and Decision Support

David Tanner, Associate Director


John Barner, Public Service Assistant

Janet Bittner, Public Service Associate

Wes Clarke, Senior Public Service Associate

Jan Coyne, Public Service Associate

Mathew Hauer, Public Service Associate

Beverly Johnson, Public Service Associate

Sid Johnson, Public Service Assistant

Theresa Wright, Public Service Associate


Michelle Bailey, Research Professional

Deborah Barron, Program Coordinator III

Arlana Bowens, Administrative Specialist

James Byars, Scientific Computing Professional Specialist

John Chamblee, Database Administrator

Katherine L. Davis, Program Coordinator

Katie Davis, Research Professional

Shantee El, Program Coordinator

Melanie Hardman, Administrative Manager

Lori Hawkeswood, Program Coordinator

Jennifer Inglett, Research Professional

Minsoo Kim, Scientific Computing Professional Associate

Nyla Lieu, Research Professional

Holly Lynde, Fiscal Analyst

Mercy Montgomery, Workforce Development Analyst

Melinda Moore, Postdoctoral Research Associate

J. Michael Moryc, Program Coordinator

Jamil Sewell, Research Professional

Brian Simmons, Research Professional

Tyler Smith, Research Professional

Greg Wilson, Fiscal Analyst


Strategic Operations and Planning Assistance

Ted Baggett, Associate Director


Danny Bivins, Senior Public Service Associate

Alex Daman, Public Service Assistant

Leigh Elkins, Public Service Associate

Mark R. Foster, Senior Public Service Associate

Harry W. Hayes, Senior Public Service Associate

Langford D. Holbrook, Public Service Associate

Shana Jones, Planning and Environmental Services Unit Program Manager

Dan Lasseter, Public Service Assistant

John O'Looney, Senior Public Service Associate

Scott Pippin, Public Service Assistant

Mark Risse, Adjunct Senior Public Service Associate

Paula Sanford, Public Service Associate

Kris Sikes, Public Service Assistant

Martina Tryman, Program Coordinator

Jessica Varsa, Public Service Assistant

Malik R. Watkins, Public Service Associate


Jessica Alcorn, Postdoctoral Fellow

Valerie Gentry, Administrative Specialist

Leslie Lamb, Administrative Associate

Kaitlin McShea Messich, Creative Design Specialist

Mandi Moroz, Georgia Sea Grant Legal Fellow

Linda Seagraves, Program Specialist

T. Clark Stancil, Landscape and Urban Designer