Organizational/Department Reviews

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Individual departments or governments ask us to provide leadership information about how efficiently things are getting done.  We gather information to develop a practical and comprehensive understanding of the organizational and operational factors influencing governmental service provision. 

These sources include

  • interviews with elected officials and senior management

  • organizational charts

  • interviews with departmental management and staff

  • multiple surveys of management and staff

  • data collected from peer governments

  • literature reviews of best practices and standards associated with the organizational structure and service provision of local government services


We give decision-makers recommendations about

  • staffing issues (over-staffed, under-staffed)

  • the need to develop financial policies

  • the need to improve their budgeting process (developing performance criteria for departments and asking for budget money based on specific goals, not just overrunning their budgets and then amending them, etc.)

  • exploring technological improvements (such as an online filing system for courts)

  • improving the security of election machines

  • recommending additional training for employees


Each government and study is unique.  We take the time to learn about the specific government we are studying and provide customized reports addressing the unique challenges facing them. As a result, decision-makers are better able to allocate their limited resources among departments to achieve their goals.