Dan Lasseter

Dan Lasseter

Dan Lasseter

Public Service Associate; Strategic Operations and Planning Assistance



Dan Lasseter oversees executive searches for high-level leadership positions in public sector organizations by screening and vetting potential candidates, as well as providing onsite consultation during the candidate interview process. In addition, he provides 360-degree leadership assessments for high-level management positions in governmental and nonprofit organizations. He is closely involved with employment testing for public safety agencies, which includes job analysis, job knowledge test development and assessment center design and administration. Additionally, he manages the certification program for the Georgia Local Government Personnel Association. Dan is active in the American Society for Public Administration and serves on the society’s national council, representing the southeastern United States, and serves on the board of directors of the Southeastern Conference for Public Administration.


M.B.A., Georgia Southern University; B.S. Agribusiness, University of Georgia

Additional Info:

Areas of Expertise: human resource management, personnel testing and selection, job analysis