Sahar Voghoei

Sahar Voghoei

Sahar Voghoei

Scientific Computing Professional Specialist; State Services and Decision Support



Sahar Voghoei joined the Institute of Government in 2021. She has extensive experience in data analysis, statistical modeling, and program and system development. She worked for a decade as a system developer, software analyst, and project manager in Iran before moving to India, where she focused on the automation of semi-manufacturing companies. While pursuing her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Georgia, she worked on a variety of data analysis projects, contributing to many fields such as genetics, education, and massive graph pattern matching.


PhD Candidate Computer Science, University of Georgia; M.C.M. Computer Management, Pune University, India; B.S. Computer Engineering, Azad University of Tehran, Iran

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Areas of Expertise:
Data mining, machine learning, statistical modeling, big data analysis, software engineering, enterprise-level database systems, high-dimensional data management