J. Scott Pippin

J. Scott Pippin

J. Scott Pippin

Public Service Associate; Strategic Operations and Planning Assistance



Scott is an attorney and community planner who joined the Institute of Government’s Planning and Environmental Services unit in 2014. He works on issues concerning environmental and natural resource planning, land use, community planning and economic development, such as helping coastal communities better prepare for floods while reducing flood insurance rates, updating and revising city and county land use ordinances and creating an interactive and user-friendly guide for city and county business permitting processes and developing a green infrastructure planning guide for coastal communities. He delivers training courses on subjects such as stormwater management, planning and zoning practices, community resilience and sustainability and preparing for large-scale solar installations. Prior to joining the Institute of Government, he worked as a local government attorney and an environmental consultant.


J.D., M.E.P.D., University of Georgia; C.F.M.

Additional Info:

Areas of Expertise: environmental law and policy; environmental planning; hazards and resilience planning; urban land use planning; local, state, and regional planning; project management; community development


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