Varad Dabke
March 23, 2018 | Students

Beyond the Classroom: The CyberArch program

Recently, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government joined a pilot cybersecurity program called CyberArch to help Georgia communities address online security concerns. CyberArch is the university's first step into both researching local security concerns and evaluating the best way it can implement solutions.

March 22, 2018 | Students
Sebastian Puerta

Vinson Fellow to explore economic assimilation processes with faculty mentors

As an economics student interested in research, the Vinson Fellowship gives me the opportunity and resources to explore topics that I am curious about.

Anthony Potts
March 08, 2018 | Students

Student explores charter school impact for Vinson Fellows project

I am an Athens native—my parents both graduated from the University of Georgia, I was born here, and I have lived my entire life in and around the Classic City. I am currently a first-year student with intended majors in economics and philosophy. Following graduation, I hope to attend law school to specialize in civil and human rights, litigating for the indigent and underrepresented. I am drawn towards socioeconomic barriers that affect the underclass and disadvantaged, so the advancement of our public education system, as an avenue for reducing social inequity, is very important to me.

March 06, 2018 | Students
Varad Dabke

Beyond the Classroom: Bringing new vibrancy to Georgia cities

Stepping into the Renaissance Strategic Visioning and Planning studio at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government feels a lot like walking into an artisanal workshop. This carefully crafted environment of drafting tables and drawing tools is where faculty member Danny Bivins and a team of faculty, staff and trained students work on downtown redevelopment and planning for communities in Georgia.