Vinson Fellow Blog Post 1 - Amber Morgan

November 7, 2016 | Students

By Amber Morgan

Amber Morgan

Vinson Fellow Blog Post 1 - Amber Morgan

I am excited to have the privilege of being a Vinson Fellow this fall. I plan to use this invaluable opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings of international partnerships and local government development.

It is a privilege to keep the company of the amazing faculty of international services as I complete my research. My mentor, Rusty Brooks, has helped direct my passion for sustainable development into valuable research ideas through his own expertise in international sustainable development.

My interest in sustainable development began when I first volunteered with an NGO in rural Nicaragua. Seeing the local community become invested in our work there sparked my passion for helping local communities and governments develop sustainably and effectively. I later went on to volunteer in Indonesia and Haiti, and I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Brooks’ experience here at the Institute.

Throughout my time as a Vinson Fellow, I will be researching community based solutions that allow NGOs and government development agencies to make the outcomes of development projects more effective and sustainable. I believe that the involvement and investment of local communities and governments in development projects is vital to their success.

I plan to explore policies and existing development models to find the best way to integrate local communities and governments into these development projects so they are better able to serve the members of their communities.

Amber is a senior from Canon, majoring in international affairs and political science. Her primary research interests are sustainable development, women’s issues and conflict. She previously worked on the UGA Amendments program with Anthony Madonna and is currently involved in UGA Rotaract and the Delta Zeta sorority.