Short-Term Training Program

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Participants in the International Center's training programs benefit from a unique combination of classroom and experiential learning to help them improve their knowledge and skills. Practitioners on the ground and recognized subject matter experts provide a rich assortment of professional development opportunities designed to help public officials from all levels improve as effective administrators.

The International Center's training programs are acknowledged around the world for their quality due in large part to their emphasis on experiential learning. Most participants not only engage in training in their home countries but also travel to the United States to witness firsthand how local, state and federal government operates abroad.

International delegations become guests in communities around Georgia and beyond. They have the opportunity to meet local leaders and tour schools, industry, commercial areas and more. The benefits of such interactions spread beyond the training to help enhance connections between Georgia and international communities and can lead to the development of economic and cultural partnerships in the future.

The goal of all International Center training is to help participants develop as leaders, enhance their abilities to perform their responsibilities and contribute to making their governments more responsive to constituents. Building on these fundamental goals, governments from all corners of the globe work closely with the International Center on developing customized training programs tailored to their specific needs. Many delegations focus their training on particular areas of expertise such as budgeting, environmental protection, ethics or emergency management.

The following list contains potential areas of concentration for training but is not exhaustive. The International Center can work to develop programs tailored to many needs.

  • Corrections management

  • leadership development

  • economic development

  • legislative development

  • emergency management

  • management development

  • environmental protection

  • policy analysis

  • ethics

  • mediation and conflict resolution             

  • financial management and internal controls

  • rural economic development

  • forestry management

  • train-the-trainer development

  • Human Resource management




Short-term Training Programs:

China program

Chinese government managers improve their knowledge and skills by participating in a comprehensive two-phase classroom and experiential training program that takes place in both China and the United States.

South Korea program

South Korean government executives and officials gain valuable skills and build stronger ties with Georgia through International Center professional development programs offered in partnership with the Seoul Municipal Government (SMG) and the Governors Association of Korea (GAOK).