December 7, 2021 | News

Oconee Co Commissioner honored by ACCG

Writer: Tim Bryant

Published December 7, 2021
The Association County Commissioners of Georgia has awarded Oconee County Commissioner Amrey Harden with a certificate for successfully completing the core requirements in the Lifelong Learning Academy. Amrey Harden was honored during an ACCG Conference in Savannah.

From the Oconee Co government website…

ACCG and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia have collaborated for more than two decades to provide county officials with supplemental training and educational tools in the Lifelong Learning Academy. With abundant courses to choose from, every county official has a tailor-made learning experience that allows them to excel in specific areas of expertise.

“County officials are faced with many challenges and ever-evolving circumstances under which they must govern Georgia’s local communities,” said Dave Wills, ACCG’s Executive Director. “The Lifelong Learning Academy was created to help them navigate those challenges. I commend county leaders such as Amrey Harden who take full advantage of educational opportunities to further their knowledge on how to better serve their communities.”

The Lifelong Learning Academy was created with input from county commissioners who identified courses based on the issues and decision-making challenges regularly faced by county officials. To ensure the course requirements and curriculum remain relevant and engaging, the ACCG Lifelong Learning Committee – comprised of county commissioners and staff from both ACCG and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia – meet regularly to review and adjust accordingly. Through this collaborative approach, the Lifelong Learning Academy has been successful in equipping county officials with the necessary skills to meet the needs of their constituents.

“I appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens of Oconee County,” said Commissioner Harden. “It is important for public servants to stay current on matters that affect our communities. I am grateful to be able to continue my education through the efforts of the ACCG’s Lifelong Learning Academy.”