March 14, 2017 | News

Benita Dodd: Sunshine Week a reminder that Transparency is still clouded

March 12-18 is Sunshine Week. Launched in 2005, the initiative promotes open government and pushes back against "excessive official secrecy."

March 14, 2017 | News

Art Dunning: Higher education, economic development and the future of Southwest Georgia

Many years ago, there was an advertising campaign that declared, "It's not your father's Oldsmobile." Targeting younger buyers, Oldsmobile, a company that had rested on its laurels for decades, realized that the market was changing.

March 14, 2017 | News

Economic leaders reveal plan to better Cherokee's workforce

With 78 percent of Cherokee residents traveling across county lines to work every day, economic leaders and business representatives have joined hands to offer a program that will "improve the workforce" and keep workers in the county.