February 19, 2018 | Spotlight

Finance officers earn certification through Institute training program

Finance officers earn certification through Institute training program

Writer: Roger Nielsen

Dozens of officials with cities, counties, and public schools throughout Georgia attained Local Finance Officer Certification in the last quarter of 2017 through a financial management training program offered by the Institute of Government.

The certification recognizes the local finance officers’ commitment to continuing education in governmental finance, accounting, budgeting, and more.

Forty-five finance officers gained certification by taking courses in payroll administration, governmental accounting principles, internal controls, and more — 33 earned Level I certificates and 12 attained Level II status.

Level I certification requires finance officers to participate in 108 hours of instruction about the intricacies of government budgeting, purchasing, accounting, and other public finance topics. All Level I courses are conveniently available online so finance professionals can complete them at their own pace. Level II Certified Financial Officers receive an additional 84 hours of instruction in intermediate governmental accounting and budgeting principles, internal controls, and revenue administration as well as public finance electives.

The Institute’s local financial management training program provides city and county officials with the information and tools they need to establish sound accounting practices and strong financial foundations in their governments. Since the program’s inception in 1972, more than 1,600 local finance officers and others have graduated with certificates and more than 3,800 have received training.

The Institute also works with state financial officers through the state financial management program.

Graduates, October–December 2017

Level I

Rebekah Beck, Cobb County School District
Karen Boyd, City of Franklin
Delissia Broadnax, Atlanta Public Schools
Daniel Brown, City of Atlanta
Youlanda Carr, City of Atlanta
Felicia Chambers, City of Atlanta
Bobby Chesnutt, Oconee County Board of Commissioners
Novella Dwight, City of Fitzgerald
Adrienne Freeman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners
Shawn Gabriel, City of Atlanta
Beth Gordon, Gwinnett County Government
Erin Greenberg, City of Johns Creek
Leslie Hankins, Gwinnett County Government
Pamela Holmes, City of Atlanta
Melita Kelly, City of Atlanta
Joan Mannheim, City of Blairsville
Quiana Mathis, City of Atlanta
Jessime McGarity, City of Atlanta
Patricia McIver, City of Atlanta
David Oberender, City of Atlanta
Linda Rahn, City of Rincon
Melissa Reeves, City of Duluth
Michael Richardson, City of Atlanta
Frederick Riley, City of Atlanta
Delisha Robinson, City of Atlanta
Alison Smith, City of Cumming
Sharon Smith, DeKalb County Government
Sandra Stevenson, City of Atlanta
Kimberly Tallon, City of Atlanta
Alicia Thompson, City of Atlanta
Aaron Wells, City of Atlanta
Marshall Willis, City of Atlanta
Donna Yang, Gwinnett County Police


Level II

Joni Ary, City of Perry
Becky Bohannon, City of Toccoa
Patricia Carswell, Columbus Water Works
Holly Day, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners
Paula Granger, Seminole County Government
Rebecca Harden, Charlton County Government
Jennifer Houston, Barrow County School System
Robin McKnight, DeKalb County Government
Anna Nelson, City of Perry
Amy Orebaugh, City of Cedartown
Jacqueline Pryor, City of Hiram
Lisa Weth, McIntosh County Board of Commissioners