March 11, 2022 | Spotlight

Criminal Justice Data Landscape report highlighted at law symposium

Cover of the Criminal Justice Data Landscape Report

Writer: Staff Reports

The Institute of Government's Holly Lynde delivered the opening presentation for the First Annual Georgia Criminal Law Symposium. "Sentencing in Georgia: Using Our Past to Propel Us Forward" was hosted by the University of Georgia School of Law recently.

The symposium considered the complex issues surrounding sentencing and various reform efforts that have taken place throughout Georgia. Lynde’s presentation covered the Criminal Justice Data Landscape Report, which provides context, historical trends and insights into the state’s criminal justice system.

Participants in the day’s activities included state and federal judges, district attorneys, former United States Attorneys, academics and community activists as well as law students.

The Institute of Government’s research helps inform the approaches people in such roles take regarding criminal justice. The Criminal Justice Data Landscape Report was released by the Institute of Government in the fall of 2021.