March 27, 2019 | Spotlight

Two state CPM programs to adopt Institute’s GOV360® assessment instrument

The GOV360® assessment tool that the Vinson Institute developed for government managers is being incorporated into certified public manager programs in Kansas and Virginia. It is already part of the Georgia CPM program.

Writer: Roger Nielsen

Kansas and Virginia plan to incorporate the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s GOV360® assessment tool into their certified public manager (CPM) programs.

The Vinson Institute and UGA's Department of Psychology developed GOV360 as the first 360-degree assessment tool designed specifically for government managers. Launched in 2012, the online tool provides executive to midlevel government managers with insights into their leadership performance and a systematic way to create professional development goals.

George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government will administer GOV360 with this fall’s certified public manager cohort, according to Tonya Neaves, managing director of Virginia’s CPM program.

“Partnering with the University of Georgia and potentially other universities that use GOV360 to develop a network of best practices for coaching and managerial feedback would be a great way to continually improve all of our programs,” Neaves said.

The University of Kansas plans to implement GOV360 as a way to enhance the Kansas CPM program.

“Our CPM program is offered on a calendar year schedule and 2019 is an accreditation year for us. So we’re looking ahead to 2020 and what we’d like to do going forward. We’ve determined that we want to incorporate GOV360 into CPM,” said Noel Rasor, assistant director of the KU Public Management Center, which administer the Kansas CPM program.

GOV360 combines the results of a self-assessment with feedback gathered from a variety of raters including the participant’s manager, colleagues and subordinates. A feedback report calls attention to the participant’s strengths as well as areas for growth, and a subsequent executive coaching session led by Institute of Government faculty members helps participants interpret the report and plan for the future, according to faculty member Dan Lasseter, who manages GOV360 for the Vinson Institute.

“KU is the first large organization outside of Georgia to add GOV360 to its CPM program,” Lasseter said.

GOV360 assesses management competencies taught in the Georgia CPM program and established by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium, according to faculty member Walt McBride, who manages the Georgia CPM program.

“GOV360 was created for the Institute’s management development program, but we use it in almost all of our leadership programs, state and local. It was just natural to include it in our CPM,” McBride said.

The Institute helped develop the nation’s first CPM program for state and local government managers, and it’s now offered in 39 states. Georgia’s 300-hour CPM curriculum features in-class learning, independent study and a capstone project to earn nationally recognized certification.