June 2, 2021 | Spotlight

Institutions in U.S. utilize Institute’s GOV360 for leadership assessment

Institutions in U.S. utilize Institute’s GOV360 for leadership assessment

Writer: Allison Cape

The GOV360 program has seen increased participation from states outside of Georgia. In March, Dominican University of California, in San Rafael, California, began using GOV360. 

GOV360 is the first leadership assessment tool created exclusively for governmental employees. The tool provides an evaluation based on answers from a self-assessment in addition to answers provided through an anonymous questionnaire. Mid-level managers and frontline supervisors can use the objective information provided by the assessment to gain a better understanding of how employees and colleagues view their leadership abilities. It was redeveloped in 2020 by the Institute in conjunction with UGA’s Psychology Department.

The program is specifically designed for leadership and personal development within government organizations and is currently used by several out-of-state public service institutions, including Dominican University of California and George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, as part of those organizations’ professional development programs. The GOV360 tool provides comprehensive reporting for participants and an opportunity to receive tailored, individual feedback sessions. In addition to receiving a report, individuals can receive executive coaching from an Institute expert to work through any concerns the assessment uncovers.

Since July 2020, GOV360 has had 318 participants, including 52 from seven states outside Georgia.