August 21, 2019 | Spotlight

New lawmakers complete leadership program coordinated by Institute

Freshmen members of the Georgia General Assembly gather for a group photo during the Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute, which serves as a leadership development program for members of the Georgia General Assembly and is presented by Institute of Government faculty and legislative leaders.

Writer: Roger Nielsen

Twenty-seven freshmen lawmakers recently completed the five-day Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute (GLLI), a leadership development curriculum for new members of the Georgia General Assembly presented by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

The GLLI curriculum allows lawmakers to strengthen their leadership skills while also reinforcing the legislative institution.

Lawmakers attending GLLI sessions this August at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education explored leadership with House Speaker David Ralston and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, learned more about the University of Georgia during a luncheon address by UGA President Jere W. Morehead and took part in a discussion panel with four veteran senators and representatives. The five-day session kicked off with a welcome by Institute of Government Director Laura Meadows.

“The Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute allows new legislators to explore their own leadership styles, better understand those of their colleagues, network with colleagues and gain expertise and skills to better serve their constituents,” Meadows said.

GLLI, an extension of the Biennial Institute for Georgia Legislators, allows freshmen members of the House and Senate to explore critical legislative topics such as public values and policy development, leadership challenges, building trust and addressing fairness.

It is supported by the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation and is designed to allow legislators to address key elements of personal, ethical and political leadership that can help them carry out their roles and responsibilities as elected representatives. Since its inception, more than 170 legislators have attended GLLI, delving deeply into the legislative process and gaining the skills to be more effective legislators.

Legislators attending the 2019 GLLI session were Sen. Sally Harrell (District 40), Sen. Sheikh Rahman (District 5), Sen. Randy Robertson (District 29), Rep. Erick E. Allen (District 40), Rep. James Burchett (District 176), Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (District 36), Rep. Chris Erwin (District 28), Rep. Becky Evans (District 83), Rep. Houston Gaines (District 117), Rep. Matthew Gambill (District 15), Rep. Joseph Gullett (District 19), Rep. Betsy Holland (District 54), Rep. El-Mahdi Holly (District 111), Rep. Shelly Hutchinson (District 107), Rep. Angelika Kausche (District 50), Rep. Josh McLaurin (District 51), Rep. Martin Momtahan (District 17), Rep. Beth Moore (District 95), Rep. Ken Pullin (District 131), Rep. Bonnie Rich (District 97), Rep. Steven Sainz (District 180), Rep. Kim Schofield (District 60), Rep. Mitchell Scoggins (District 14), Rep. Dale Washburn (District 141), Rep. Marcus A. Wiedower (District 119), Rep. Mike Wilensky (District 79), and Rep. Matthew Wilson (District 80).