October 20, 2016 | Government, Spotlight

State finance officers honored for earning Institute's new training certification

State finance officers honored.

Writer: Roger Nielsen

The first 103 state finance and budget officials to successfully complete the Institute's new Budget and Financial Management Certification Program were recognized at a graduation ceremony in Atlanta recently.

The certification program offers state government finance managers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how the state's financial management cycle works and helps prepare participants to move into leadership positions.

The eight-course curriculum was developed through a partnership with the Institute's Financial Management Training Program faculty and subject matter experts with the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, the State Accounting Office, the Office of State Treasurer, the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission and the Department of Administrative Services.

One of the graduates, Amy Stancil of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, said the new certification program allows state finance officers to enhance their understanding of critical budget and finance topics. "The entire program teaches you things that may not be part of your job right now, but will be something you need to know in the future," Stancil said.

Faculty member Tracy Arner, who manages the Financial Management Training Program, played a key role in creating the new certification program. "We were privileged to have the opportunity to develop this significant new training program. It is our goal to assist state leaders in building financial leadership capacity for state government," she said.

The Institute also works with local government finance officers through the Local Finance Officer Certification Program.

Budget and Financial Management Certification Graduates

Jeffery Arnold, Department of Labor
Suzette Arnold, Department of Labor
Natalie Austin, Department of Public Safety
Kiki Avery, Department of Labor
Camala Ball, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
Lucy Balogun, Department of Education
Frank Bartholomew, Department of Labor
Kimberly Benson, Department of Education
Deborah Bland, Department of Labor
Maria Brown, Department of Labor
Theresa Brown, Department of Natural Resources
Bruce Burbank, Department of Labor
Frances Burke, State Road and Tollway Authority
Annette Cage, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Timothy Carswell, Department of Labor
Doreen Carter, Department of Labor
Lisa Carter, Department of Labor
Alice Christian, Department of Labor
Kesia Cobb, Department of Public Health
Daphnie Colclough, Department of Natural Resources
Cassietta Cook, Department of Labor
Robinette Cooper, Department of Labor
Cathy Cordell, Department of Labor
Jolanda Curry-Clifton, Department of Community Health
Teresa Daniels, Department of Labor
Christy Davis, Department of Education
Elliott Davis, Department of Labor
Hope Dawkins, Department of Labor
Gwendolyn Dent-Smith, Department of Labor
William Dews, Department of Community Affairs
Daniel Dollar, Office of State Administrative Hearings
Jana Drinkard, Department of Driver Services
Olivia Dulce, Department of Public Safety
Lisa Earls, Department of Labor
Constance Elder, Department of Natural Resources
Ebony Evans, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Eligia Familia, Department of Administrative Services
Tamika Foster, Department of Labor
Walter Frazier, Department of Labor
Ashley Garner, Administrative Office of the Courts
Artica Gaston, Department of Natural Resources
Whitney Grant, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Megan Gray, Department of Natural Resources
Zsa Zsa Gray, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Angela Grigory, Department of Corrections
Mintewab Hailu, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
Joffre Herndon, Department of Labor
Charity Houston, Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Kenisha Houston, Department of Natural Resources
Kevin Howell, Department of Corrections
Kathryn Huger, Georgia Building Authority
James Johnson, Department of Labor
Jason Johnson, Department of Public Safety
William Johnson, Department of Labor
Cassandra Jones, Department of Natural Resources
DeAndrea Jones, Department of Labor
LaConnia Jones, Department of Community Health
LoReal Koonce, Department of Natural Resources
Gregory Lane, Department of Labor
Teresa Loggins, Department of Agriculture
Tonya Luehrsen, Department of Community Supervision
Kelly Martin, Department of Public Safety
Thomas McCoy, Department of Corrections
Willie McKennedy, Department of Labor
Linda McLeroy, State Road and Tollway Authority
Sarah Najar, Department of Natural Resources
Donald Newton, Department of Labor
Kimberly Owens, Department of Natural Resources
Dwayne Parish, Georgia Technology Authority
Lisa Payne, Georgia Building Authority
Vanetta Perry, Department of Labor
Sabrina Peterson, Department of Labor
Paulette Petty, Department of Administrative Services
Debra Pinkston, Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Felia Ramos, Department of Labor
Ingrid Rodriquez-Williams, Department of Labor
Valerie Ross, Department of Labor
Rand Rothberger, Department of Revenue
Kimberlyn Shaw-Mallory, Department of Labor
Valencia Shelton, Department of Natural Resources
April Shivers, Department of Public Health
Jeremy Sims, Department of Labor
Debra Somerset, Department of Administrative Services
Valeisha Sparks, State Road and Tollway Authority
Amy Stancil, Department of Public Safety
Phyllis Stocker, Department of Labor
Wylene Swinney, State Accounting Office
Anita Sykes, Department of Education
Paul Theilman, Department of Labor
LaShaun Thompson, Department of Natural Resources
Renwick Thompson, Department of Labor
Edgardo Vias, Department of Labor
Janzetter Walker, Department of Education
Paulette Walter, Department of Labor
David Wiggins, Department of Education
Tiffany Wilder, Department of Labor
Janelle Wilhite, Department of Labor
John Williams, Department of Labor
Lishonda Williams, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
McKinley Williams, Department of Labor
Phyllis Wilson, Department of Natural Resources