November 28, 2016 | Spotlight, Government

Institute coordinates training for over 150 government managers

Institute coordinates training for over 150 government managers

Writer: Roger Nielsen

Leaders from more than 150 Georgia cities and counties enhanced their knowledge of critical governance topics through continuing education courses led by Carl Vinson Institute of Government faculty and others at the Georgia City-County Management Association (GCCMA) 2016 Fall Conference.

GCCMA members attended courses designed to strengthen their understanding of topics such as managing employees from different generations and effective ways to address ethical challenges, including a session on situational leadership led by Institute faculty member Walt McBride.

McBride, a senior public service associate with expertise in management and leadership, focused on finding a balance between successfully challenging and supporting employees. The course included information about developing a framework that allows supervisors to effectively analyze an employee's motivation and selecting appropriate interventions.

GCCMA concluded the yearlong celebration of its 60th anniversary at the conference, held Oct. 26-28 in Pine Mountain. The conference featured a keynote address delivered by Kim Bearden, co-founder of the acclaimed Ron Clark Academy middle school in Atlanta, in addition to workshops on relevant topics coordinated by the Institute in partnership with GCCMA.

At the conference awards banquet, Perry City Manager R. Lee Gilmour was honored with GCCMA's Pillars of Excellence Management award. The award was presented by GCCMA President David Hankerson and our faculty member Gordon Maner, a previous award-winner.