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Data Visualization Tools


GeorgiaDATA.org is Georgia’s central data source. GeorgiaDATA provides the public with quick and easy access to Georgia county and state data.


Videos and Tutorials


Consoliation VideoWhat You Need to Know about City-County Consolidation
6:59-minute video: We explain the basics of full governmental consolidation, the process involved in consolidating and some of the pros and cons of becoming a consolidated government.

Georgia's Hotel-Motel TaxGeorgia's Hotel-Motel Tax

This video is designed to provide a broad understanding of the fundamentals of local government hotel motel tax. The content is prepared by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

State of Georgia Chart of AccountsState of Georgia Chart of Accounts
This 22 minute video will discuss each chartfield in the State of Georgia Chart of Accounts.

Understanding Georgia Service Delivery Strategy AgreementsUnderstanding Georgia Service Delivery Strategy Agreements
23-minute tutorial: This tutorial enables you to recognize the significance of SDS agreements, understand the history of SDS agreements and how they are made and identify the requirements of SDS agreements.

DOAS presentationGeorgia Department of Administrative Services: How They Assist Local Governments
77-minute tutorial: During this session, representatives of the department discussed purchasing cards, surplus property, training and procurement resources.

TAVT: Title Ad Valorem Tax 101TAVT: Title Ad Valorem Tax 101

81-minute tutorial: Provides information including who is eligible to receive the tax, what is taxable under the law and how the tax is calculated. Details the distribution of the TAVT, its impact and how to calculate administrative fees

Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act-Reporting RequirementsIllegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act - Reporting Requirements

78-minute tutorial: Provides detailed information on the reporting requirements under Georgia immigration laws, including comprehensive instructions for reporting to the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts

state finance videosState Financial Video Tutorials

View video tutorials related to Microsoft Excel and Posting the Appropriations Act.

Setting the Millage Rate tutorialSetting the Millage Rate Tutorial

This six minute tutorial explains how the millage rate is calculated.


Basic Records Management Tutorials

Records Management TutorialIntroduction to Records Management

This 12 minute presentation is designed to give a brief overview of records management in Georgia including relevant laws, the importance of records management, and the need for records retention schedules.


Records Management ImplementationRecords Management Implementation

This 12 minute presentation discusses the highlights of implementing records management in a government agency.


Setting Up a Records Center/ArchivesSetting Up a Records Center/Archives

This 12.5 minute presentation provides information on the Georgia Archives, the State Records Center, and on setting up an Archives or Records Center.




Compliance Auditing in Georgia Counties and MunicipalitiesCompliance Auditing in Georgia Counties and Municipalities

Updated annually, Compliance Auditing is designed to help guide those responsible for conducting local government audits.

Handbook for Georgia Mayors and CouncilmembersSelect Chapters from Handbook for Georgia Mayors and Councilmembers

Download chapters from this guide for city officials on topics ranging from human resource management to historic preservation.


Reports & Other Free Online Resources


Experiential Learning ReportExperiential Learning Report

This guide is designed to help business leaders and school leaders conceptualize, develop and implement high-quality experiential learning experiences for high school students. The experiential learning guide draws from best practices and examples from across Georgia and the United States to inform investment decisions related to experiential learning programs.

Community Rating SystemPublic Outreach for Flood Protection in Georgia:  A CRS Toolkit

Public Outreach for Flood Protection in Georgia helps Georgia communities meet public outreach requirements under FEMA’s Community Rating System.  The interactive guide was created in partnership with Georgia Sea Grant and funded by a Coastal Incentive Grant from the Georgia Coastal Resources Division.

PACE cover
Powering the Future and Protecting Consumers: Ensuring Reliability, Resilience, and Quality of Electricity Service

Powering the Future provides a historical perspective on managing America’s electric industry, exploring the potential impact of alternate management strategies on proven methods of maintaining reliability, resilience and quality of service.

2013 School Board Governance Symposium
2013 School Board Governance Symposium: Improving Schools through Board Governance

Boards face a variety of governance challenges from school personnel management to policy leadership and much more. There is an established need for a greater understanding of the reasons for breakdowns in school board governance and how to avoid the causes in the future.


Local Governments & School Systems Local Governments and School Systems: Partnering for Better Communities 

The Institute of Government, in collaboration with the Archway Partnership and UGA's School of Public and International Affairs, embarked on a study in 2014 to explore the potential for collaboration among Georgia school systems and local governments.

Planning & Environmental ServicesPlanning & Environmental Services - Downtown Development Reports
View Downtown Renaissance Program reports and more.

Planning & Environmental ServicesPlanning & Environmental Services - Master Planning & Visioning Reports

View Master Plan reports and Strategic Vision and Planning reports.


Going Solar in GeorgiaGoing Solar in Georgia: Opportunities for Local Governments

This 19-page overview assesses ways local governments can integrate solar in their energy-use matrix, reviews the benefits and possible drawbacks of solar generating systems and examines financing options that are available to local governments. 


Newsworthy is our quarterly electronic newsletter. It is intended to provide you with a view of our current public service and outreach activities, along with special initiatives and partnerships.

Annual ReportAnnual Report

State and local officials can become better acquainted with the wide range of services we offer through the annual reports that are prepared for each calendar year.

Project Reports

Georgia Civic Health IndexGeorgia Civic Health Index
June 2013


Evolving Role of Defined Contribuition Plans in the Public SectorThe Evolving Role of Defined Contribution Plans in the Public Sector
September 2012


SAM Shortline Excursion Train Fiscal AnalysisSAM Shortline Excursion Train Fiscal Analysis
August 2012


2011 Georgia's Three Largest Consolidated Governments CoverGeorgia's Three Largest Consolidated Governments

December 2011

National Center for the Study of Counties Studies and Reports

National Survey2012 National Survey of County Elected Officials: Opinions from the Front Lines of Local Government
July 2012