Workforce Development

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Promoting excellence in government means helping governments and community leaders lay a foundation for economic growth and job creation. Our workforce development services range from customized technical assistance to training and professional development.

We assist governments and communities as they plan for the future and increase their capacity so that they can build a strong workforce to meet employer needs.

For additional information on workforce development services, please contact Greg Wilson.

Workforce System Design and Community Collaboration

We provide strategic consultation, analysis, project management and facilitation to state, regional and local workforce development initiatives.

Labor Market Data and Analysis

We provide labor market data analysis and visualization for data-informed decision making, planning and assessment. We synthesize data from a variety of valid sources to develop a deeper understanding of a county or region’s labor shed, educational profile and the industries and occupations that are declining and growing.

Board Training and Governance

We orient and build board member skills to effectively manage local funding and workforce development plans.

Local and Regional Workforce Planning (WIOA)

We offer strategic planning facilitation and consultation on workforce plan development to ensure alignment with the State Plan and regulations.

Sector Partnership Development and Sustainability

We provide consultation for employer-driven partnerships of industry, education, training and other stakeholders that focus on the workforce needs of key industries in a specified labor market. We support economic development leaders who are working to align the educational and training programs with the talent needs of employers in the community.

Program Evaluation and Performance Management

We assess design, implementation and outcomes of various workforce and training programs to increase your performance and efficiency. We provide our expertise so you can develop key performance measures and data collection programs to have successful workforce programs.

Survey Research

We design and administer surveys to provide relevant information to decision makers, workforce systems and community partnerships. We utilize a variety of research techniques to gather information from large or small populations.

Workforce Professional Training

We develop workforce development specific skills to better serve the workforce system and community partners through customized training programs.



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