Planning Retreats

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Planning RetreatPlanning retreats offer time in a relaxed, informal atmosphere away from distractions to discuss concerns and set goals and priorities. This will better meet current and future community needs. 


Each retreat is unique and is structured to meet your commission/council and community's needs. Retreats include the council/commission and the manager/administrator in addition to other key staff members.


Planning retreats focus on

  • goal-setting (short- and long-term)

  • problem solving/conflict resolution

  • relationship building

  • conflict resolution

  • financial planning

  • managing change

  • communications with the media and with citizens

  • and more!


We will provide a staff member to be your facilitator. The staff member will work with you to plan a process to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes. Your group decides where to meet. We suggest that you meet away from your local community to avoid day-to-day distractions and interruptions that occur "back home." Most retreats last from 1 ½ to 2 ½ days during the week and on weekends in order to meet your specific needs. 


Find out if your team needs a retreat!



"This year was unique for the City of Johns Creek. Having 4 out of 7 council members with less than 1 year of experience presented its own challenges. It was vital that we bring everyone together and establish a good rapport, as well as determine how we can best work as a team. Gordon (the Vinson Institute facilitator) helped navigate us toward achieving those goals and so much more."

Mayor Mike Bodker, City of Johns Creek