The Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center brings together numerous programs and services devoted to workforce and economic development and resilience. A few of our most requested offerings are listed below.

Workforce Pipeline Training and Analysis

Demographic, Economic, and Labor Market Analysis

We provide data analysis and training for data-informed decision making, planning and assessment. We synthesize data to develop a deeper understanding of a county or region’s labor shed, educational profile and the industries and occupations that are declining and growing. We also train educators on how to use federal, state, and local data to support program alignment decisions.

Professional development

Professional Development

Each year, thousands of elected and appointed government officials, development authority board members, administrators and economic development executives work to improve their knowledge and leadership skills and sharpen their understanding of key economic development concepts and processes in a variety of training and professional development opportunities we offer.

Economic impact and incentives modeling

Economic Impact and Incentives Modeling

Economic modeling and specialized economic impact analysis are just two of the ways we help government leaders plan more effectively for the future of their state and communities.

Workforce System Design and Community Collaboration

Workforce and Economic Development Strategic Planning

We provide strategic consultation, analysis, project management and facilitation for state, regional and local workforce and economic development initiatives. In addition, workforce planning requires bringing together a variety of stakeholders including local employers, WIOA partners, post-secondary education, K-12 and CTAE, and others in the community. These community collaboratives then work to identify development goals and set implementation plans for achieving them. 

Downtown and community development and planning

Downtown and Community Development and Planning

Planning for growth and addressing challenging issues requires collaborative partnerships with government and community leaders. We work with communities to address local challenges, identify workable solutions, develop unique visions and successfully implement them. 

Sector Partnerships

Rural Development

We work throughout the state of Georgia, and many of our services are especially useful to rural communities. We help communities not only be prepared for economic success, but also resilient in the face of challenges and able to make informed decisions as to how they address those challenges. 

In particular, our Planning Rural Opportunities for Prosperity and Economic Leadership (PROPEL) progam guides low-income rural cities and counties through a six-step model to develop and implement a plan to advance their rural economies.

Post-Secondary Program and Institutional Strategy

Post-Secondary Program and Institutional Strategy

We assist Higher Education Institutions to assess programs, understand local workforce trends, and develop larger institutional strategies to maximize service effectiveness, serve students, meet regional workforce needs, and achieve measurable outcomes.

Workforce Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

We conduct ongoing research on a variety of workforce and economic development related topics including best practices, benchmarking, and new economic, labor, and educational trends. In particular, we have researched the economic impact of tax policy changes, economic development initiatives, transportation and infrastructure projects, tourism, and changes in public policy. We also assist with data analysis.

Finance Expertise

Finance Expertise

We have a wide range of training programs and technical assistance services for cities, counties, school systems, charter schools, libraries and state agencies.