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Learn more our current Vinson Fellows below.


Caroline is a second-year student pursuing degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice with minors in Sociology and Spanish. Caroline will be working with faculty mentor and Public Service Associate Greg Wilson this semester.

Caroline has conducted research with the Rural Jails Research Hub and the Morehead Honors College Honors Policy Scholars. She is involved in many on-campus extracurriculars, such as UGA Votes and Georgia Political Review. In her free time, she enjoys completing jigsaw puzzles and spending time with friends.

Emma Sorckoff is a second-year student studying International Affairs and Elementary Education. She plans to focus her research on the re-development of management and organizational operations curriculum for Masters programs at the University of Georgia. She will be working with faculty mentor and Public Service Assistant David Key this semester.


Emma serves as a Justice on the University Judiciary and is the President of the international non-profit organization AIESEC. She is also a research assistant in an educational psychology lab on campus where she works on projects ranging from mental health among middle schoolers in Georgia to the responses of international education systems to COVID-19. In her free time, Emma loves to hike and sing. 

Claudia White is a third-year student studying Anthropology and Geography, with certificates in GIS and Sustainability. Her research will focus on building community through outdoor spaces in public housing complexes. She will be working with faculty mentor and Senior Public Service Associate Leigh Askew Elkins.

Claudia works with the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, interns with Native Future, and does GIS research with the Community Mapping Lab. In her free time, Claudia likes adventuring outdoors, cracking bad jokes, and getting to know members of her community through service.