Planning & Zoning 101

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All appointed board and commission members (existing and new), local government staff and elected officials should attend this training.


This is a solid introduction to the basics of what planning and zoning are.

You will learn:

  • terminology

  • what the roles in the local government planning and zoning processes are (citizens, applicants, planning commission/planning commissioners, planning and zoning staff, and elected officials)

  • what state laws are applicable to the work Planners and Zoners do

  • what the job is and how to do the job

  • how to interpret and use the city/county comprehensive plan to make land use decisions

  • why the plan is the anchor of those decisions

  • how to use the local ordinance and the plan to make the decisions

  • how to plan for the future: demographic and land use trends as well as population projections and asset-based planning.


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