Tax Assessors

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In partnership with the Georgia Department of Revenue, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government administers a conference each year. Classes in the curriculum consist of 40 hour and 20 hour classes and some of these classes are taught at the annual conference.  Personnel from the Department of Revenue are the instructors.



The Annual Short Course in Assessment Administration is designed to provide assessors and appraisers throughout the state of Georgia with a variety of courses that cover the spectrum of assessment administration.


The 20-hour CAVEAT course, recommended by the Department of Revenue for county tax officials, focuses on legal and economic changes faced by assessors and appraisers. The program offers analysis of recent ad valorem taxation laws that have been passed, defeated or interpreted by the courts. Presentations by attorneys, legislators and appraisal experts provide tax officials with the latest information on ad valorem tax matters and Department of Revenue policy changes.


Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 48-5-268, the Department of Revenue is required to instruct, operate and administer courses of instruction to provide for the training of new appraisers and for the continuing education of experienced appraisers.


The Department of Revenue has a certification program for all tax assessors and appraisers. View more information about this certification program.