Library Financial Management Certification Program

Libraries are typically formed as special purpose governments focused on providing access to information for citizens. As such, the approach to the financial management requires a different perspective than most local governments.

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia has created an online certification program to meet this unique need. The program is comprised of six courses:

  • Budgeting for Libraries

  • Governmental Accounting for Libraries

  • Internal Control for Libraries

  • Purchasing

  • Payroll Administration

  • Financial Policies

All classes will be delivered using Group Internet Based (webinar) and self-study methods. Prior to each webinar session, participants will be enrolled into an online course. To access the content, students will receive login information. Prior to each live webinar, participants will read required content and watch required videos. To receive credit for each course, the participant must successfully pass an online exam.  To earn a certificate, participants must successfully complete all six courses in the program within a three-year time frame.  Once certification is achieved, 12 hours of approved continuing education are required every two years to maintain certification.

Courses are priced individually.  Participant must register and pay for each course prior to attendance.

Instructors are experts in government finance. The lead instructor worked as a Business Manager for a large metro-Atlanta library system. That experience informed the development of this certification program. Fifty-two Georgia library business managers and library directors have successfully completed the certification.  Find out more about the instructors Tracy Arner, Beth Horacek, John Hulsey, and Dave Lakly.



Julie Walker




Courses Now Available!

Courses required for the certification program:

Continuing Education

For all current certification holders, twelve hours of continuing education is required every two calendar years. Participants may select from the courses below. These courses are open to any student, whether or not they have previously earned the certification.

  • Online Courses

    • Accounting for Capital Assets
      3.0 CPE or 3.0 CEU credits
      $119 per person

      Available online

    • Essentials of Financial Management
      5.0 CPE or 4.0 CEU credits
      $159 per person

      Available online

    • GASB 84: Practical Guidance for Accounting for Fiduciary Activities
      1.0 CPE or 1.0 CEU credits
      $119 per person
      Available online

    • Internal Control for Payroll
      1.0 CPE or 1.0 CEU credit
      $119 per person
      Available online

    • Open Meetings Open Records
      7.0 CPE or 6.0 CEU credits
      $219 per person
      Available online

    • Unwrapping the Audited Financial Statements: Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation
      2.5 CPE or 2.0 CEU credits

      $119 per person
      Available online
  • Webinars