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Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Be prepared. Protect your community.

You’re seeing the headlines. You’ve read the alerts. Cyber attacks have happened for years, but the war in Ukraine has made the concern a priority. Just recently, the White House reiterated the need to fortify critical infrastructure and strengthen cyber defenses. The federal government continues to warn of heightened potential for cyberattacks from Russia.

How do governments move to protect their communities? And if they do face a cyberattack, what should community leaders do?

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government is offering a series of webinars to guide local governments and their communities in cybersecurity.

Is Your Government Cyber Aware?

The series kicked off April 14 with “Is Your Government Cyber Aware?” The hourlong session highlighted the story of one local government’s encounter with hackers and offered resources and guidance should something similar happen in your community. 

During the session, Zach Propes, assistant county administrator in Hall County, shared lessons from surviving a cyberattack. Read more about his experience dealing with a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity Webinar Recorded Video

View the webinar recording.


Check back for information on additional webinars in the series!