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The University of Georgia's Certified Public Manager® (CPM®) program is an accredited member of the National CPM® Consortium and is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of government agencies by developing the effectiveness and professionalism of managers.


We will be following University of Georgia COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines related to classroom delivery of the CPM.

CPM will be delivered in a Hybrid-Flexible format; commonly referred to as HyFlex. In this instructional delivery model, participants have the option of attending the program sessions face-to-face or virtually. Participants do not have to commit to one format or the other, but may attend some sessions in person and others online. Dr. Marci Campbell, the CPM® Curriculum Director, and Walt McBride, Program Director, have researched this model extensively and are confident they have created an engaging and effective learning environment.

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This is an intensive multi-part program where you will learn about yourself, your organization and how to lead and manage more effectively. Individuals completing the 300-hour program receive a Public Manager Certificate from the University of Georgia. As a certification program, the requirements include active participation in each class, completion of out-of-class assignments and projects, and full attendance.


There are three main areas of study in the program. They are:

Area 1

Self-Awareness: How does knowing one's self influence leadership and management in the public sector?

Area 2

Collaboration: How does collaboration enhance leadership and management in the public sector?

Area 3

Process Improvement: How does improving processes and performance measures influence leadership and management in the public sector?

The Certified Public Manager® (CPM®) program is designed to offer participants 300 hours of engaging study. Seven segments make up the required 300 hours of study.


The Certified Public Manager® program is invaluable for developing and retaining your government managers to better serve your community. Provide your team with the tools needed to deliver quality services and improve the lives of your citizens with the CPM® Program.


In addition to Continuing Education Units earned for CPM®, graduate credit is also available through UGA's Master of Public Administration program.


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