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  • Vinson Fellow finds slow reaction to Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

    As a Vinson Fellow working with Dr. Rusty Brooks at the Institute’s International Center this semester, I explored the effects of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — the country’s multi-trillion-dollar mission to reroute global trade and ocean traffic while projecting its growing influence across the world.

  • Vinson Fellow's research to focus on updating assessor training program

    I was born in Brussels to Congolese parents and raised in Atlanta. Dealing with the push-and-pull of these varying cultures has shaped my interest in cultural differences, inequality and the experiences of underrepresented groups in the United States and abroad. Now, as a Vinson Fellow, I’ll get to investigate a topic that’s completely different from the direct community empowerment work that I have been involved in through nonprofits and student groups.

  • Student explores impact of food waste for Vinson Fellows project

    I am a West Coast baby, born and raised! I lived in California, Oregon and Washington before moving here to attend the University of Georgia. I love calling this little slice of the South my home. UGA and Athens have taught me two things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life: good food and good football!