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  • Vinson Fellow to explore public health impacts in coastal Georgia

    I am a sophomore studying statistics and mathematics, with interests in public policy and public health. With so many problems in this world, I believe that data is one of the most powerful weapons available to effect real change in the world. I want to dedicate my life to serving vulnerable populations by working at the intersection of public policy and data.

  • Beyond the Classroom: An introduction to my semester at the Institute

    How do you explain the value of public service? This is the framing question I will explore as an intern in the Office of Communications at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Throughout this semester, I will research and discuss special projects handled by the various branches of the Institute. Just to hint at a few: these projects can include anything from on-campus lectures to statewide initiatives in security and economic development.

  • Care and patience seen as helpful in dealing with Korean crisis

    Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot through my Vinson Fellowship at the International Center under Dr. Rusty Brooks. For my research topic, I focused on American foreign policy towards North Korea, analyzing the different policies of each presidential administration in order to determine which has been the most effective and how that will impact our future relationship with North Korea.