Government Services

Government Operations

The UGA Institute of Government offers various services to help local and state governments enhance their operations and better serve their citizens. From talent management to fiscal analysis and strategic planning, we help governments assess, strategize and build stronger organizations.



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Organizational Improvement and Performance Management

We assist government organizations in developing strategic plans, conduct planning retreats and identifying the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

Organizational Improvement and Performance Management

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Talent Management

Our experts help governments ensure employee pay is in line with current standards, conduct executive searches and establish up-to-date promotional testing.


Talent Management

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Strategic Planning

We help governments create customized strategic plans to guide resource allocation and ensure that goals are realistic and achievable.

Strategic Planning

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Fiscal and Economic Analysis

Our services include fiscal impact studies, cost allocation studies and providing insights into local labor markets and industries. We also maintain the Tax and Expenditure data center website, which contains historical financial information for cities, counties and school systems.


Fiscal and Economic Analysis

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Data and Technology

We offer services in data analytics and visualization, information technology and cybersecurity to help governments can make more informed decisions and achieve greater efficiency in their operations.


Data and Technology Services



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Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center

Supporting Georgia’s continued economic and workforce competitiveness.

Sustainability and Resilience

Helping communities plan for growth and address challenging environmental issues.

Measuring Impact and Outcomes

Providing support for policy research and assessing the effectiveness of various initiatives.

Custom Application Development

Designing and developing custom software solutions—including web development, data-driven business applications and interactive web-mapping through GIS—to help organizations meet their goals.