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UGA CyberArch

UGA CyberArch, facilitated by the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government, is addressing the challenges of cybersecurity for Georgia’s communities and businesses. The program aims to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats and enhance the cyber readiness of city and county governments, K-12 school systems, rural hospitals, and small businesses. UGA CyberArch is free for participating organizations, providing a total value of approximately $60,000 to $180,000 from seven teams working over a semester. Partner organizations’ identities are kept confidential to add an extra layer of security to the program.

Join Us in Building a Safer Digital Future

Welcome to UGA CyberArch, where innovation meets cybersecurity to fortify Georgia’s digital infrastructure and create a resilient cyber ecosystem. Housed at the Institute of Government, UGA CyberArch is a collaborative initiative between various academic and public service units at the University of Georgia, including the College of Engineering, the School of Computing, the Institute for Cybersecurity and Privacy and the Terry College of Business MIS department.  UGA CyberArch is dedicated to addressing the evolving challenges of cybersecurity for communities and businesses across the state.

At UGA CyberArch, we offer a unique experiential learning opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to actively engage in cybersecurity research and application. Through partnerships with K-12 school districts, local governments, rural hospitals, and small businesses, our interns work in teams to conduct cybersecurity risk reviews, helping organizations enhance their awareness of cyber threats and strengthen their preparedness and response measures.

In addition to our student-driven initiatives, UGA CyberArch is committed to providing cybersecurity education for the broader community. Our interactive cybersecurity manual, developed by the Georgia Informatics Institute, equips individuals with essential knowledge on staying secure online, covering topics such as privacy, passwords, phishing, malware, and backups.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and build a safer digital future for Georgia and beyond.

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