UGA CyberArch

CyberArch Internships

CyberArch student interns work in teams of four. They conduct a cybersecurity risk review, make a site visit, and create a final report with recommendations to improve an organization’s cybersecurity posture. In addition to learning about cybersecurity best practices, UGA CyberArch interns gain valuable skills that help them pursue cybersecurity careers.


Student interns are vital to the CyberArch program. To learn more, view our Program Overview videos, Part 1 and Part 2.


We have developed a process for applying to the CyberArch program.

We created a UGA CyberArch Academy eLC course to provide a more organized approach to learning about the CyberArch Program. This eLC course is not graded and is composed of a handful of steps to be completed over 3-4 weeks. It is designed to provide plenty of information so students can decide whether the CyberArch Program fits within their career goals. Participants are able to drop the cours,e at any point. To enroll in the course, watch the videos linked above and then fill out our Contact form.

The Academy course culminates in the recently developed Google Cybersecurity Certificate Course, a requirement for all CyberArch interns to complete no later than the beginning of their first semester in the internship program. Participants receive a scholarship license to take the course on Coursera (a $245 value and a great addition to any resume). The course typically takes 3 to 5 months to complete.

A participant's progress through these steps helps us make the best decision on who to bring into the internship program. Please be thoughtful in the Qualtrics questionnaires, as responses help us determine the way in which the CyberArch program can best fit your needs. 

Questions? Fill out our Contact form.