Government Services

We are proud to be a trusted partner and resource that government and community leaders can turn to for the highest quality programs, data-driven research and technical assistance. Our services are designed to inform decision-making as we all work together to understand and address Georgia’s challenges and opportunities.

538 Georgia cities served
242 Separate, distinct projects
159 Georgia counties served
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Workforce and Economic Development

We offer an abundance of programs and services designed to support Georgia’s continued economic and workforce competitiveness and assist our state, local and regional partners on workforce and economic development strategy, decision-making and implementation.

Workforce and Economic Development Services

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Community Planning and Resilience

We provide a wide range of services to help build stronger communities, including community branding and downtown revitalization as well as services for infrastructure, asset, capital planning and implementation. Our services help government and community leaders plan for growth, address challenging environmental issues and craft innovative solutions suited to their communities.

Community Planning and Resilience Services

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Government Operations

A well-functioning government is better positioned to serve its citizens. From talent management to finance and strategic planning, we help local and state governments assess, strategize and build stronger organizations.

Government Operations Services

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Measuring Impact and Outcomes

We provide timely support for policy research and technical assistance for state and local governments as well as for other university programs. Our evaluation experts are skilled at assessing the effectiveness of different endeavors, from individual programs to interdepartmental or even system-wide efforts.

Impact and Outcomes Services

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Data and Technology

State and local governments can make more informed decisions and achieve greater efficiency in their operations with the help of our services in data analytics and visualization, information technology and cybersecurity. 


Data and Technology Services


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Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center

The Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center serves as a central hub for programs and services that support Georgia’s continued economic and workforce competitiveness and assist our state, local, and regional partners with workforce and economic development strategy, decision-making and implementation.

Georgia Data Innovation Hub

The Georgia Data Innovation Hub offers training and peer learning opportunities through quarterly webinars, certification programs and an annual conference. These are designed for a variety of government employees, from data scientists to communicators and decision-makers.

Community Branding

Every community has its own story to tell. Having a brand that accurately represents strengths and identity can have wide-reaching impacts—from community pride to marketing and economic development.

Strategic Planning

Every government organization needs a plan to guide its use of resources including employee time and use of funds. We help governments develop their strategic plans and identify the implementation steps necessary to achieve their goals.