Downtown Development

People and businesses are returning to downtowns, generating jobs and contributing to the tax base. Downtown development creates a vibrant downtown that welcomes residents and visitors with throughout the day and evening.

An ideal downtown portfolio includes equal measures of: 

  • Governmental 
  • Professional
  • Commercial (Retail and Service)
  • Residential
  • Other (Art, Culture, Recreation, Religion, and Tourism)

During the last few decades, the most common types of downtown improvement organizations in Georgia are:

  • Downtown Development Authorities (DDA)
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Main Street Program
  • Georgia Downtown Renaissance Partnership
    • Georgia Municipal Association
    • Georgia Cities Foundation
    • Carl Vinson of Institute of Government

Sample Report

cover of Buena Vista visioning

Buena Vista, Georgia

Surrounded by farms and woodland, Buena Vista lies at the heart of Marion County. Buena Vista is prioritizing improvements to the city's courthouse square to help create the vibrant downtown and healthy local economy envisioned by local leaders.


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