Public Safety Promotional Assessments

Public safety agencies, such as police and fire departments, must have reliable, objective and transparent methods of selecting and promoting leaders. Our expert faculty identify knowledge, skills and abilities required for successful job performance, develop custom job-related assessments, and implement fair and equitable promotional testing processes for all candidates.

Our services include:

  • conducting job analysis studies to identify key competencies necessary for successful job performance and provide a legally defensible basis for assessment development and analysis.
  • developing and administering study material and written multiple-choice exams that focus on critical knowledge areas, including client-specific policies and procedures, Georgia state statutes, city ordinances and specific leadership material.
  • developing, implementing and evaluating assessment centers with multiple exercises to obtain a holistic view of candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • implementing all phases of promotional testing procedures.
  • providing individual and group reporting solutions that outline candidate performance during the assessment process.

We develop each promotional service offering based on the individual agency’s culture, policies and procedures and individual assessment needs. Some of our long-term clients include or have included:

  • Alpharetta Department of Public Safety
  • Columbus Police Department
  • Fulton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • Georgia Department of Corrections
  • Georgia Department of Public Safety (Georgia State Patrol; Motor Carrier Compliance Division)
  • Macon-Bibb County Fire Department
  • Sandy Springs Fire Department
  • Sandy Springs Police Department
  • Smyrna Fire Department


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Julia B. Haas