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The Vinson Institute Fellows Program is an educational opportunity for UGA's undergraduate students interested in state and local government. Through the program, students will have an opportunity to become involved in our training, applied research and technical assistance programs and other projects for state and local governments in Georgia and internationally.

Learn more about our current Vinson Fellows, program goals, the four areas of study available, program eligibility requirements and how to apply

The goals of the Fellows Program are to

  • provide students with an understanding of the broad range of services we provide that enhance the capacity of governments to work more effectively

  • give students insight into the day-to-day activities of state and local elected and appointed officials

  • encourage students to pursue careers in state and local government and public service generally

As Vinson Fellows, undergraduate students will be matched with a faculty-mentor in one of our ongoing training, technical assistance, applied research or communications programs. Students will also  have an opportunity to interact with local and state elected and appointed officials at training sessions and conferences throughout the semester.

All interested students, regardless of class standing, are encouraged to apply. Fellowships are offered during the fall and spring semester. 

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government offers fellowships through four of our divisions:

The Governmental Training, Education, and Development division seeks students interested in local and state government development. Students will have significant interaction with elected and appointed officials at training and education courses.

The State Services and Decision Support division provides students with the opportunity to learn more about state government, as well as survey research and demographics.

The Strategic Operations and Planning Assistance division is ideal for students interested in public policy and developing their research and analytical skills.

The Office of Communications encourages students with excellent writing skills and an interest in media relations and marketing to apply.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average

  • interest in the workings of state and local government, in Georgia or internationally

  • excellent writing, organization, communication and research skills


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Vinson Institute Fellows Program

Vinson Fellows Program Information:

Vinson Fellows Application

To submit an application for consideration, please carefully follow the detailed instructions outlined on the Vinson Institute Fellows Program application. The instructions include critical deadlines and information regarding required transcripts and references.

Meet the Fellows

Learn more our current Vinson Fellows below.