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34th Biennial Institute for Georgia Legislators
December 8-10, 2024
University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel

A recognized event on the state's political calendar since 1958, the Biennial Institute for Georgia Legislators provides legislators with valuable time for learning, networking and exploring state issues prior to the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

Sessions conducted by veteran lawmakers and staff, agency administrators and subject matter experts lead legislators through a wide variety of current topics.

New and veteran legislators count on the Biennial Institute to provide information and training that will help them make better-informed decisions for Georgia. 


Thad McWhorter



Large lecture hall filled with officilas in training.

Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute

The Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute (GLLI) is an extension of the Biennial Institute. Participants are nominated by the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House. Developed and authorized by the Georgia General Assembly Training Institute in 2005, GLLI forms the core of a phased leadership development program for members of the Georgia General Assembly.

Environmental Policy Academy

Georgia lawmakers can strengthen their understanding of key environmental issues through the Legislative Environmental Policy Academy. The Academy provides members of the Georgia General Assembly with relevant information about current and developing environmental issues that affect people in Georgia.