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Our most frequently asked questions are available below.


  • May I pay for training classes or conferences by credit card?

    Yes. Credit cards can be accepted for payment for individual registrations. If you need assistance with the registration process, please email Claire Kinane or contact her by phone at 706.542.3887.

  • My name is on the reservation sheet for a training program, but I can't attend. May someone else take my place?

    Yes. A substitute can fax another registration form with his or her name on it to 706.542.9301. [Important: A cover sheet indicating the name of the person the substitute is replacing should also be included.]

  • How do I access credits for training courses I took several years ago or last year?

    Please follow these instructions to access your training records online.

  • I received an invoice for course or conference registration but I’m not sure why I received it?

    If it appears to be for course or conference registration, email Claire Kinane or contact her by phone at 706.542.3887.

Local Services Assistance

  • I am a local government representative trying to upload revenue and expenditure data and/or asset forfeiture documents to the Tax and Expenditure Data Center (TED); however, I have questions and/or I am experiencing difficulties. Who can assist me with the TED data portal?

    The documents site can be found at https://ted.cviog.uga.edu/financial-documents/
    If the person uploading the document(s) does not have a user account, one can be requested from the home page of the documents site. If you are not sure if you have a user account, please contact Wes Clarke.

    For questions or additional information, Wes Clarke can be contacted by email or call 706.542.6202.

  • How can I get a map showing the different voting districts in Georgia?

    Visit the Georgia Office of Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment website or call 404.656.5063.

  • Who can answer my question regarding the Georgia State Patrol exam?

    Mark Foster can be contacted by email or call 706.542.7542.


  • I received an invoice but I’m not sure what it is for or why I received it?

    If it appears to be for a book, email Kelly Howard or contact her by phone at 706.542.6377. 

    If it appears to be for course or conference registration, email Claire Kinane or contact her by phone at 706.542.3887.

    Send all other invoice inquiries to the Institute of Government.

  • How do I get permission to copy a picture from one of the Institute of Government’s publications?

    Contact the Institute of Government’s Office of Communications by email.

  • I am a member of the news media. Whom can I contact to assist me?

    Contact Public Relations Coordinator Roger Nielsen by email or by phone at 706.542.2524.
    You may also contact the Institute of Government's Communications Director Courtney Alford-Pomeroy by email or by phone at 706.542.6221.

Human Resources

  • Whom do I contact to verify employment with the Institute of Government?

    Verifying employment at UGA is easy. You have two options to instantly get the the information you need: 1) online at The Work Number or 2) by phone at 800.367.5690. 


Don't see your question listed? Can't find the information you need on our website? Use our contact form on our Contact page to send us your question. Please keep in mind that we cannot respond to questions soliciting opinions, advice or statements on governmental matters through this form.