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Each year, thousands of elected and appointed government officials and administrators enroll in continuing education opportunities offered by the Institute of Government. These officials and administrators take part in over 600 training and education courses that improve their knowledge and skills. Participants benefit from the advanced instructional tools and broad expertise that our instructors bring to all of their education and professional development programs.

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Training & Education:

Online Courses

Our online training courses combine the quality training associated with the Institute of Government with the flexibility to meet the needs of busy government employees and elected officials. These courses allow students to progress through their chosen courses at their own pace and on their own schedules without the travel time and related travel expenses commonly accompanying traditional classroom training courses.

Leadership Development

State agencies and local governments can create a leadership training curriculum customized to their needs. They can choose from an array of leadership classes designed and taught by our faculty.

Economic Development Training

We offer economic development professionals, development authority and downtown development authority board members, chambers of commerce, and government officials across Georgia an opportunity to participate in training courses that focus on subjects critical to economic development.

Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center

The Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center highlights our commitment to serving and empowering local and state leaders as they plan for the future of a more prosperous Georgia. The center serves as a central hub for programs and services designed to support Georgia’s continued economic and workforce competitiveness and assist our state, local, and regional partners on workforce and economic development strategy, decision-making, and implementation.

Financial Training

We offer a variety of financial training programs for city, county, state, and school system finance and office personnel. Trainings can improve their financial management skills or help them to earn certification.

Human Resources Training

Human Resources professionals can benefit from our training programs that are offered in partnership with GLGPA. We also offer online training opportunities in addition to a 360-degree assessment and executive coaching.


Board of education members can enhance their leadership skills and knowledge of school governance through a six-module training program. The program fulfills the annual training requirements set by the Georgia Department of Education.

Custom Training & Retreat Facilitation

We offer a variety of special workshops that are customized to your specific needs for different levels of employees in both state and local governments. Think of special topic workshops as made-to-order training opportunities that can be mixed and matched from our comprehensive menu of courses to fit your needs. Choose only the courses you need so your limited resources have the maximum impact. Planning retreats and customized facilitations offer time in a relaxed, informal atmosphere away from distractions to discuss issues and set goals and priorities. This will better meet current and future organization and community needs.

Government Professionals Certificate Programs

We offer a variety of training courses to help government professionals become certified in their respective fields.

Appointed Board Member Training

Appointed Board Members may be required to complete training as part of their role. Our training focuses on what you need to know to best complete your duties as a Board Member while helping to fulfill mandated training requirements.

Legislative Training

Instruction provided to the Georgia General Assembly in the form of training and advanced skill development helps members navigate the world of public service.


We work with associations to offer conferencing and training services.

Georgia Data Innovation Hub

The mission of the Institute’s Georgia Data Innovation Hub is to convene, train, and provide technical assistance to raise the capabilities of government employees doing data analytics, data visualization, and predictive analytics. The Data Hub offers course instruction and peer learning opportunities through quarterly webinars, certification programs, and an annual conference.