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Leaders throughout the state can improve operations and plan effectively for the future with the help of practical, customized assistance that we provide. This assistance takes a variety of forms, from economic development to human resources management and planning and environmental services.

Services & Research:

Economic Development

Governments seeking assistance with their economic development activities turn to us for specialized services such as research, technical assistance and training. We can help provide the building blocks for your community’s overall economic development efforts.

Fiscal & Economic Analysis

We analyze cost allocation and create fiscal impact studies to analyze the fiscal and economic impact on your government.

Strategic Planning

Every government organization needs a plan to guide its use of resources including employee time and use of funds. We help governments develop their strategic plans and identify the implementation steps necessary to achieve their goals.

Planning & Environmental Services

Government and community leaders planning for growth and addressing challenging environmental issues can make better informed decisions and craft innovative solutions with our help. Faculty expertise includes land use planning, downtown revitalization, environmental management and corridor planning and design.

Human Resources Management

Whether a government wants to ensure that its employees are being paid in line with current standards, carry out an executive search or establish up-to-date promotional testing, our human resources management faculty are ready to offer expertise and experience that can help.

Survey Research & Evaluation

We provide timely support for policy research and technical assistance activities for state and local governments as well as for other university programs. Our evaluation experts are skilled at assessing the effectiveness of different endeavors, from individual programs to interdepartmental or even system wide efforts.

Applied Demography

We provide Georgia leaders at all levels of government with regularly updated and consistent population data. This data is needed for informing their policy decisions, which range from aging to zoning.

State & Local Government Services

State and local government leaders come to us for reliable, objective information, customized assistance and government expertise that provide insights into the issues they face. State and local government leaders can benefit from insights and information that might otherwise be unavailable if not for our customized, comprehensive studies on such issues as annexation, tax and expenditure, financials and local government consolidation.

Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center

The Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center highlights our commitment to serving and empowering local and state leaders as they plan for the future of a more prosperous Georgia. The center serves as a central hub for programs and services designed to support Georgia’s continued economic and workforce competitiveness and assist our state, local, and regional partners on workforce and economic development strategy, decision-making, and implementation.

Data Analytics and Visualization Services

State agencies, universities, school systems, local governments, development authorities, and other government organizations come to the Institute of Government for specialized data analytics and visualization services to improve their decision-making processes. We help turn administrative data into insights and information to improve decision-making and quality control. 

Georgia Data Innovation Hub

The mission of the Institute’s Georgia Data Innovation Hub is to convene, train, and provide technical assistance to raise the capabilities of government employees doing data analytics, data visualization, and predictive analytics. The Data Hub offers course instruction and peer learning opportunities through quarterly webinars, certification programs, and an annual conference.