Structured Focus Group Research

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Focus groups cultivate an environment of trust and rapport to examine a shared phenomenon (an intervention, program or policy issue). This technique encourages discussion among participants to promote a sense of comradery regarding the topic of research. Aspects of experiences and perspectives are revealed that would not be accessible without group interaction.


Focus groups provide qualitative data that can

  • provide context to quantitative data

  • help in the development of a case study

  • assist in the wording and nuance of a questionnaire being created


Our qualitative experts examine participants’ thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and needs on important issues to local government and state agencies. Our focus group research can be conducted as

  • a stand-alone study (i.e. learning about experiences, attitudes and opinions on the research topic)

  • supplementary data for a quantitative study (i.e. assist with the generation of survey questionnaires or the development of intervention studies)

  • used as follow-up data to assist the primary research (i.e. to further understand survey results or to evaluate the outcome of an intervention or program)