Tax & Expenditure Analysis

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We can analyze the impact of tax policy changes and potential changes in revenue. We also maintain the Tax and Expenditure data center. This website contains historical financial information for cities, counties and school systems.


Tax and Expenditure Data Center (TED)

The Georgia Tax and Expenditure Data Center (TED), brings together data from several state agencies to provide users with a more complete look at local government revenues and expenditures in the state.


The Tax and Expenditure Data Center (TED), created and maintained by the Institute of Government, contributes to more informed financial decision making in the public sector. The database organizes county and municipal fiscal data from the Department of Community Affairs, the Department of Revenue and the Department of Audits and Accounts. School district data and census information are also included. The data can be viewed online or downloaded to a spreadsheet for further analysis.


With TED, leaders can access information to help them with such activities as analyzing revenue trends, projecting future revenues, examining tax revenue by category and comparing their government with others in the state.


Tax and Expenditure Data Center can be accessed by clicking the Finance panel on Georgiadata.org