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Data for a community provides a springboard for the projects we do.


Most of the data we use comes from published national and state sources:

  • U.S. Census Bureau for general demographic data

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis for economic data

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics for employment data

  • Georgia Department of Labor for local industry and occupational data

  • others

We also purchase data from EMSI, a respected provider of labor market data. That allows us to very quickly include a variety of economic and demographic data for the state. In partnership with UGA Extension, we publish the annual Georgia County Guide, with data by county for many topics.


Information can be presented in a variety of ways. We produce slides using

  • maps

  • graphs

  • other visualization methods for meetings

  • project reports that incorporate visual and tabular data

  • online, interactive visualizations of data, including animations


We use Qlik, an online tool, to allow clients to interact with data of interest to them.