Strategic Planning

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Every government organization needs a strategic plan to guide its use of resources including employee time and use of funds. We help governments create their strategic plans through customized processes that best meet the needs of the organization. An important though often overlooked part of the strategic planning process is the development of an implementation plan to ensure that goals are realistic and achievable.


Strategic planning relies on three broad parts: developing a better understanding of where you are, determining where you want to go and building a plan for how to get there.


A neutral facilitator is important when developing a strategic or operational plan allowing members of the organization to participate fully without having to step into the role of facilitator. Our customized planning processes are supported by a variety of tools such as data gathering and analysis, research, community needs assessments, public meetings, focus groups and interviews to help understand where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.


Facilitators will also work with the government organization to develop the project timeline, identify key stakeholders, produce meeting agendas, maintain meeting notes and create a final print-ready plan that can be published or released electronically.


Sharon Subadan