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Planning for growth and addressing challenging environmental issues requires collaborative partnerships with government and community leaders. Innovative solutions must be crafted and successful plans need to be implemented. We can help you effectively develop and implement a vision. We can partner with you in addressing unique community challenges. Your community can achieve workable solutions to the challenges you face.

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Nat Kuykendall

Planning & Environmental services:

Community Design & Placemaking

Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking motivates people to remake public spaces. It is a collaborative process that can shape our public sphere to maximize shared value. Placemaking pays particular attention to the physical, cultural and social identities that define a place and support its ongoing evolution.

Downtown Development

People and businesses are once again relocating into downtowns. Businesses that locate in downtowns generate jobs and contribute to a significant part of the tax base. The goal of downtown development is to create a vibrant downtown that has people doing activities everyday throughout the day and evening.

Master Planning & Visioning

Visioning is usually done in conjunction with a master planning project and looks ten to thirty years into the future. Visioning allows communities to think farther ahead than state planning mandates require and brings the community together to consider opportunities and issues.

Land Use & Zoning

Land use planning links the local vision for the community with the recognized best practices that will shape future development.

Community Branding

Every community is unique and has a story to tell. Having a brand that accurately represents your competitive strengths can impact everything—from community pride, to marketing, promotion and economic development. The Institute of Government offers a three-phase branding process for communities seeking to create or enhance their overall brand and better position themselves in a competitive environment.

Environmental Planning & Natural Resource Planning

Environmental and natural resource planning uses balanced decision making that takes the natural environment into consideration. Environmental and natural resource planning combines protection of environmental resources with community goals. These community goals could include economic development, improved government efficiency and enhanced quality of life.

Flood & Hazard Resilience

While flooding is a natural event, damage from flooding reflects where and how we build more than the natural event. Our work focuses on helping Georgia communities build resilience to these events to reduce damages.

Policy Analysis

Managing and protecting environmental and natural resources requires designing policies to meet a variety of goals and balance competing perspectives.

Consensus Building/Dialogue/Public Participation

Balancing competing perspectives is inherent in issues involving environmental and natural resource management and protection. Collaboration, consensus building, dialogue and public participation are critical to developing effective solutions that are understood and embraced by the community.