Custom Training & Retreat Facilitation

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We offer a variety of special workshops that are customized to your specific needs for different levels of employees in both state and local governments. Think of special topic workshops as made-to-order training opportunities that can be mixed and matched from our comprehensive menu of courses to fit your needs. Choose only the courses you need so your limited resources have the maximum impact.

Planning retreats and customized facilitations offer time in a relaxed, informal atmosphere away from distractions to discuss issues and set goals and priorities. This will better meet current and future organization and community needs.

Custom Training & Special Topics:

Local Government Special Topic Workshops

We offer a wide variety of special workshops that are tailored to your local government’s specific needs. You can customize your own curriculum by combining the courses that fulfill your most pressing staff training needs.

State Government Special Topic Workshops

We offer state agency employees a number of professional development opportunities to help them excel in their current positions or prepare them for higher-level responsibilities. State agencies or departments can build their own customized training program to meet specific needs by selecting one course or multiple courses from a wide variety of topics.

Planning Retreats and Customized Facilitation

We offer planning retreats for cities and counties no matter your population. Our planning retreats are tailored to your needs, regardless of your city's or county's size!