Elections Officials/Voter Registrars

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We work with the Georgia Association of Voter Registration and Election Officials (GAVREO) and the Secretary of State to support the training needs of voter registration and election officials throughout the state.

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Mandatory Training Hours

§O.C.G.A. § 21-2-100 Training of local election officials: The election superintendent and at least one registrar of the county or, in counties with boards of election or combined boards of election and registration, at least one member of the board or a designee of the board shall attend a minimum of 12 hours training annually as may be selected by the Secretary of State. The conference is endorsed by the Secretary of State to meet the requirements of 12 hours of mandatory continuing education for election superintendents and registrars. 

Georgia Association of Voter Registration and Election Officials (GAVREO)

GAVREO exists for the joint benefits of its members and the citizens of Georgia.  Among the Association’s aims are to encourage the efficient performance of the official duties of its members; continue the exchange of information and knowledge; promote uniformity; develop educational measures that are compatible with laws appertaining to voter registration and elections; scheduling and attending training sessions and seminars. 

GAVREO Conference

GAVREO holds a conference each year, with the exception of years in which there is a Presidential Election. The conference will be held December of those years preceding a Presidential Election.

The GAVREO annual conference is designed to improve election administration and voter registration among municipal, county and state election officials. Sessions provide information on how to navigate a successful election, including topics such as candidate qualifying, ethics, legislative updates, voter registration issues and deadlines, election day procedures, consolidating election results, security in elections, advance/early and absentee voting processes, UOCAVA, FWAB and SWAB.