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Professional Skills Development 102 – Ethics
Required Certificate Class


This class will be completed in one live session on Zoom.  You must attend the entire session and complete the test to receive course credit.

Two sessions of this class are available.  The first session is on January 11 and the second session is on January 25.  You only need to register for one session.

Click here to register online and pay by credit card (preferred method).

Once in the registration portal, click on the “Single Registration” button to add the course to your shopping cart. During check out, you will need to create a new user account.

Please Note:  The Institute of Government is transitioning to a new registration system that is being used for this workshop.  All students will need to create a student record in the new system.  If you have an existing student record with us, it will be migrated and merged with the student record you create in the new system. Please note that the merging of student records will not take place until January 2021.

If you are unable to pay by credit card, use these links to register by mail to download a mail-in version of the registration form:

Registration form for January 11

Registration form for January 25


Conference – February 7-9, 2021, Jekyll Island

Full conference - $490
One Day - $260

Please Note:  The Institute of Government is transitioning to a new registration system which is being used for this conference.  You will need to create a new user account. 

Click here to register for the conference and pay by credit card (preferred method). 

When you in the registration portal, follow these steps:

  • Create new user profile

  • Select “Regular” participant option

  • If you are interested in the Mandated Training for New Clerks or MEGS classes select those – all others select Full Conference or Monday/Tuesday only

  • Answer participant preference questions

  • Confirm cart and click “Register and Select Sessions”

  • Enter credit card information

  • Select conference sessions.  You cannot select your classes until after you have entered your credit card information.

Click here to register by mail.

Click here for the lodging information.

State Mandated Training

State law (O.C.G.A. sections 36-1-24 and 36-45-20) requires anyone hired as of April 1, 1992, holding the title of "clerk" or performing the duties of a municipal/county clerk pursuant to the local charter, ordinance, or code shall attend a 15-hour mandated orientation training. The training consists of a basic overview of job duties and functions required of clerks. The 15-hour mandated training counts toward the 100 hours required for full certification.  Mandated training is offered at the fall and winter training conferences.