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The First Statewide Conference for Charter Systems was held on October 3, 2017.

“Focusing on Student Needs – Innovative Uses of Flexibility”


Dear Governance Team Members, Educators and Superintendents:

You have told us you want to know what other charter systems are doing with their flexibility to get results...

This conference give firsthand experience from charter systems around the state as they explain how they are using flexibility to meet the needs of students.

Governance teams and central office staff from 15-20 experienced charter systems can spend a day sharing their top innovations in the following areas:

  • changing a system’s culture/school's climate

  • personalizing instruction

  • summer programs

  • virtual/distance learning

  • creating career pathways and expanding partnerships

  • meeting personal/social needs of students

  • school level governance best practices


You may also find information via the Charter System Foundation website: www.charter-system.org




No courses are currently available.