Applied Demography

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We provide Georgia leaders at all levels of government with regularly updated and consistent population data. This data is needed for informing their policy decisions, which range from aging to zoning.

Our Applied Demography program combines local trends with forecasts of national, state and regional population changes. The resulting data and projections fill the gap between the information compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and what local governments collect on their own. 

Our Applied Demography program offers tools to approach population issues by combining technical quantitative approaches with methods borrowed from social or other sciences. This helps governments understand how specific population changes project into the future. 

Like all our governmental assistance programs, the demography program can be customized to answer your government's specific demographic questions. Through our objective approach, your government leaders can prepare for a growing school system, plan water resources or collect age and education data to attract business and industry. Through our Applied Demography program, we can provide the data necessary for your government leaders to plan wisely on behalf of your residents.


Applied Demography services:


GeorgiaDATA.org is Georgia’s central data source. GeorgiaDATA provides the public with quick and easy access to Georgia county and state data.

Demographic Projections & Analysis

Our Applied Demography Program provides governments data-driven decision tools and analysis, including population projections and estimates for sub-county geographies, municipalities, school systems, service regions and special populations.

Community Profiles

Data for a community provides a springboard for the projects we do.