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State agencies, universities, school systems, local governments, development authorities, and other government organizations come to the Institute of Government for specialized data analytics and visualization services to improve their decision-making processes. We help turn administrative data into insights and information to improve decision-making and quality control.  Our team of data scientists and program evaluation professionals organize and integrate the data our clients already own with other public data sets to create data visualizations, predictive analytics, and program performance dashboards. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you convert data into insights and leverage our unique understanding of government programs and data analytics. We can develop customized dynamic data visualizations for different stakeholders and both internal and external audiences.

Data Analytics and Visualization Services

Services for the University System of Georgia (USG)

The Institute of Government has worked with the University System of Georgia for over 8 years to provide data analytics and visualizations services to its central office and institutions. We have an in-depth understanding of the data sources relevant to higher education. We offer highly dynamic data applications to highlight statewide trends, identify recruitment prospects, understand enrollment trends, relate to labor market information to graduate outcomes, and monitor real-time data.

We work collaboratively with your team to provide customized products and services based on your institution's goals.

Services for State Agencies 

Recognizing the important role data plays in 21st-century decision-making and the need to quickly access data from a number of sources––all in one place––the Institute of Government created GeorgiaDATA.org. The data provided are compiled from a variety of public sources and conveniently organized by county and topic. GeorgiaDATA users can drill down by topic, visualize the data using maps and on-screen tools, and/or download selected data as Excel files.

The printed data found in the Georgia County Guide is now available online on GeorgiaDATA.org. For more than 30 years, planners, developers, and policymakers from across the state have turned to the Georgia County Guide for the demographic data needed to make informed decisions. The Georgia County Guide, jointly sponsored by the University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension and the Institute of Government, is an annual print turned online publication that provides a collection of county-level data.

In addition to hosting this comprehensive data source, the Institute of Government works with state agencies to provide a variety of services. We have expert data analysts available to assist you today.

Contact us for assistance with:

  • Program Eligibility Models & Analytics
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Economic & Fiscal Analysis
  • Program Evaluation & Program Performance Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Quality Assurance